Ahead of our time. Since 1994.

CDA’s history began with the production of compact discs. Starting in 1994, CDA Impressing Solutions already began to shape the future of data replication on optical storage media. Today we are one of the largest independent producers of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs in Europe.

Since 2005, we’ve also used our know-how for ‘flashing’ data on formats such as SD cards, micro-SD cards or SSD. That’s why our business unit CDA Flash Media Solutions delivers storage media for navigation devices to leading automobile manufacturers, among others. Currently we are able to manufacture four million parts per year.

In 2005, an additional business area was formed: CDA Microfunctional Solutions. This unit successfully modified the traditional method of injection molding, and so created our own process for the mass production of complex microstructures made of polymer.

Keeping an eye on the world.

Through the continual development of new business areas, our company has progressed from a CD pressing plant into an internationally active technology company and a globally operating partner in future markets such as automotive, consumer electronics, automation engineering, medical, biotechnology and other life sciences.

Our Mission: We inspire and manufacture value.

Inspired by the needs of our customers, CDA is a technology partner for intelligent solutions that benefit society as a whole and contribute to higher standards of living around the world.

We are established in industries that are in continual states of change and reinvention. Our strategy: We don’t wait for tomorrow’s trends: we work to create them ourselves.

We continually invest in new technologies and the know-how of our employees. Thanks to our affiliation with renowned organizations, we can rely on a strong network and exceptional expertise. That’s how we’ve created a solid foundation for the ideas and successes of tomorrow.

What can we do for you?

From rapid prototyping to mass production: By combining our experience and our know-how with innovative technologies, we turn your product ideas into reality – with completely new possibilities for designers and the industry.

In addition, you benefit from our logistics services, that cover storage and pick-and-pack distribution as well as express and third-party delivery. The highest security standards in all areas are a matter of course for CDA – this can also be documented by our ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications.

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Corporate policy

Continuous improvement with a focus on slimming down the supply chain and reducing waste.

It is our aim to manufacture our products in such a way that we fully satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers, as well as official and statutory regulations. For this purpose we apply methods and manufacturing processes which are state of the art.

In support of our objectives we apply the following basic principles:

  • continuous improvement of our processes
  • error prevention with a focus on slimming down the supply chain and reducing waste.
  • close cooperation with our customers (internally and externally) and suppliers
  • All employees are responsible for quality within their own area of operations – "We get it right the first time!"

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Corporate policy
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