Corporate Policy

Continuous improvement with a focus on slimming down the supply chain and reducing waste.

It is our aim to manufacture our products in such a way that we fully satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers, as well as official and statutory regulations. For this purpose we apply methods and manufacturing processes which are state of the art.

Operations within our company are implemented by highly motivated, carefully trained and well-qualified personnel. We achieve the quality of our products by in-depth planning of all operations throughout the entire process chain.

All our activities are subject to a zero-defect strategy, with a management system focused on risk prevention and key indicators.

The decisions we take in relation to our strategy and improvement process are based on trends in market and customer developments.

Our further objective is to secure the future of our company by sustainable growth and maintaining profitability, while fulfilling the requirements of all stakeholders.

We aim to inspire our customers and ensure their loyalty by basing our corporate policy on realistic objectives which can be measured and influenced. For this purpose the management provides the necessary resources.

In support of our objectives we apply the following basic principles:

  • n  continuous improvement of our processes
  • n  error prevention with a focus on slimming down the supply chain and reducing waste.
  • n  close cooperation with our customers (internally and externally) and suppliers
  • n  All employees are responsible for quality within their own area of operations – "We get it right the first time!" 


The following code of conduct applies to the implementation of our corporate policy


Statutory and official requirements


  1. Laws, standards and ethical conduct

CDA GmbH complies with all applicable legislation and standards. The company acts in line with general ethical values and principles, in particular those of integrity, legality and human dignity. Any violations which become known must be referred directly to management, even if this means bypassing the normal hierarchy.


  1. Business associates, the authorities and consumers

CDA GmbH operates in line with the generally accepted business practice of fairness and honesty. The company maintains a relationship of trust with the authorities. Consumer protection standards are complied with.


  1. Business secrets

The secrets of business associates are treated in strict confidence by CDA GmbH and its employees
. Transferring confidential information to third parties or making it public is strictly prohibited. This continues to apply to our employees, even after they are no longer employed by us.


Monopoly and competition regulations


  1. Anti-monopoly legislation

CDA GmbH is committed to fair competition. We comply with legislation which protects competition, in particular anti-monopoly legislation and other laws which regulate fair competition.
Illegal agreements on prices or other terms of business, sales territories or customers, as well as the misuse of market power conflict with the fundamental principles of CDA GmbH.


  1. Bribery, corruptibility and corruption

CTA GmbH rejects bribery and corruption and does not tolerate conduct of this kind.
Employees must ensure that no personal dependency or obligations arise in relation to customers or suppliers. In particular employees may not give or accept gifts which, when regarded with common sense, would lead to the assumption that they could influence business decisions.

Any violations will be punished with action under employment law.

Global guidelines


  1. Human rights

Internationally recognised human rights1 are expressly and consistently protected.
Even in terms of disciplinary measures, all employees must be treated with dignity and respect. Such measures may only be implemented in accordance with the applicable domestic and international standards and internationally recognised human rights1.


b.      Child labour

Child labour and any kind of exploitation of children and young people are strictly rejected. The applicable regulations are complied with.


  1. Forced labour

Any form of forced or bonded labour, serfdom or slavery and any similar practices are rejected. Employees may not be forced to work either by violence or intimidation.2


  1. Remuneration

For full-time employment all employees must be paid fair remuneration, which as a minimum covers their basic requirements. Remuneration is to be paid by bank transfer and a wage slip is to be provided with appropriate details3.


  1. Working time

Working hours must comply with applicable domestic legislation, the standard for the industry or the applicable ILO Conventions4.


  1. Health and safety in the workplace

Domestic and international regulations for ensuring health and safety in the workplace are complied with. The relevant systems must be set up for ensuring that risks to health and safety are avoided5.


  1. Environmental protection

CDA GmbH is committed to the targets of sustainable environmental protection. In this respect the aim is to apply production methods which conserve the environment.
The company applies an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001.


  1. Laws and directives

Any laws and directives which require publication can be viewed by employees of CDA GmbH in the HR section and via the company's internal IT network.


Ethical and social principles


  1. Non-discrimination

CDA GmbH rejects any form of discrimination in recruitment or employment, in particular discrimination in terms of race, ethnical or national origin, skin colour, gender, physical or mental handicap, age, creed, membership of a labour organisation or other personal features6.


  1. Harassment

CDA GmbH disapproves of any physical, psychological or sexual harassment.


c.       Freedom of opinion

The rights to freedom of opinion and free expression of opinion are safeguarded.
The employees of CDA GmbH can submit information, suggestions and complaints to the management anonymously and in written form.


d.      Privacy

Privacy is respected.


Compliance with the code of conduct


CDA GmbH notifies its employees of this code of conduct in a suitable manner and at prescribed intervals, and ensures that it is complied with.


1                Universal Declaration of Human Rights – UN Doc. 217
                   The so-called UN Charter of Human Rights

2                                see ILO Conventions 29 and 105

3                                see ILO Conventions 26 and 131

4                                see ILO Conventions 1 and 14

5                                see ILO Convention 105

6                                see ILO Conventions 100, 111, 158 and 159





Sustainable development means taking economic points of view into account at an equal level as social and environmental points of view.

The fundamental idea of sustainable development is based on the simple insight that a system is only sustainable if it can survive and is viable in the long term.


This does not mean generating profits which then flow into environmental and social projects, but generating profits in a way which is environmentally and socially sustainable.


Our management systems fulfil not only the requirements of IATF 16949, DIN EN ISO 14001 and 50001, but also include processes which fulfil the social responsibility of a company within its environment. In this respect we operate in line with the DIN ISO 26000 "Guidelines on social responsibility".


We have set ourselves the following priorities:

  • analysing the ecological, social and economic effects of our business operations
  • implementing process control by key indicators for sustainable corporate development

The ecological challenge

The ecological challenge addresses the pressure placed on ecological systems by business activities.


At our company these activities are implemented:

  • with the careful use of materials and energy, combined with the analysis of waste
  • by using regenerative energies such as exhaust heat for the generation of hot water
  • by applying energy-saving technologies such as LED lighting
  • taking into account energy aspects in the procurement of plant and machinery
  • avoiding poisonous or other substances which harm the environment
  • the separation of waste and recycling


The social and economic challenge

In terms of our society we are so integrated that we are dependent on social acceptance.

Such social acceptance is ensured by:

  • close links with the surrounding region
  • creating and maintaining jobs
  • training of specialists
  • ensuring a high level of health and safety in the workplace
  • active participation in health promotion measures
  • compliance with laws and standards



Sustainable business operations therefore mean

that we must leave future generations an intact ecological, social and economic structure.


You can't have one without the other.


By approving this corporate policy the management and all employees commit themselves to carrying out their responsibilities in line with the specifications of the management system.

This corporate policy will be displayed on notice boards and published on the intranet.

It will be provided to interested parties on request.


Suhl, 1 November 2017                                                                                         



Frank Hartwig                                                                                                                               

Managing Director

Andre Keller

Managing Director                                                                                                                                                



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