Environmental responsibility is an important element of CDA’s business approach. CDA’s commitment to environmentally friendly processes is seen in many ways through-out the factory. For example, the heat recovered from the production plants is utilized for our heating system. Waste water is purified in a treatment plant and monitored on a daily basis, and it is regularly inspected by the Environmental Agency. Our in-house printing of labels and inserts for data media also helps the environment by eliminating long transport routes, so reducing CO2 emissions.

CDA naturally also fully supports the implementation of the EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemical substances) regulation of 1 June 2006 and has introduced all the measures necessary to achieve this on-time. CDA is able to provide comprehensive lists of the component raw materials of our products on an order-by-order basis, based on IMDS (International Material Data System) requirements, which in particular is able to meet the needs of our automotive sector customers.

CDA predominantly employ environmentally friendly and recyclable substances and materials in our production process. The production materials, such as polycarbonate waste, sputter masks and even our cleaning cloths, are recycled as far as possible.

Our procurement policy is also geared towards environmentally friendly products. For our in-house printing center we predominantly use paper from sustainable forests that have PEFC certification. This ensures that the pulp used originates from well-managed forests and other controlled sources.


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