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NEON is back: The Pop Disc

POPdisc attracts attention by unique luminance, a feature that creates high attendance. In connection with corresponding packaging solutions POPdisc put games at POS in perspective. POPdisc is made from special colored Polycarbonat, which has an intense luminance that is itensified by the ambient light. This characteristic supports the one-body label print and can be combined with other innovative CDA labelprint solutions such as Relief-print.

Beside attracting attention the color can be used as an attribute for authentification.  POPdisc is available for CD and DVD format. Printable area is in between  17 and 118 mm this supports high level creative label compositions. Both standard label printing methods Off-set and Silkscreen are available but also CDAs HD-Print for photorealistic high resolution illustration. Partly sputtered discs attain further spezial effects. POPdisc can be delivered in all regular CD- and DVD-packagings. As usual, CDA  offers a broad variety of individual packaging solutions that cover clients requirements for the individualised product.

Available colors of POPdisc are yellow, green, red and orange.


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