Think green. We make an active contribution toward protecting the environment.

As a globally operating company with locations in Germany, the USA, India, China and Australia, we understand our responsibility toward nature and the environment. Our goal is to demonstrate a high level of environmental awareness every day, in all areas.

We have successfully addressed this goal by obtaining certifications according to the standards DIN EN ISO 14001: 2009 and DIN EN ISO 50001: 2011. With the help of an integrated management system – consisting of quality, environment and energy – all aspects of production have been comprehensively and systematically considered. The economic, ecological and, last but not least, qualitative performance in the company has thereby been significantly increased.

With our successful certification, we will be even more competitive in the future. After all, many customers today already call for effective environmental management and ecological packaging at the time of procurement. With the PRO-EARTH Pack for Blu-ray and eco-packaging for DVDs, CDA meets the demands of responsible customers. The use of paper from sustainable forestry is also guaranteed thanks to PEFC certification.

All Areas in View. For a “Greener“ Future.

Environmental management is not only concerned with waste disposal, material consumption or water and energy resources. New structures also ensure more safety in case of disasters, accidents and emergencies. As part of our environmental strategy, we are committed to responsible energy management and will apply energy efficiency throughout our company premises, facilities and equipment, wherever it is cost-effective.

Our commitment to environmentally friendly and energy-efficient processes is of course also visible in production. For example, heat generated by industrial plants is used for heating systems. Waste water is purified by a processing plant, which is monitored daily and regularly checked by environmental authorities. In-house printing of data carriers also contributes to protection of the environment, because avoiding long transport distances also means less CO2 emissions.

CDA fully supports the implementation of the most recent version of the EU Chemicals Ordinance REACH (registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals) and has taken all necessary measures to ensure its timely implementation. In addition, we are able to list the contents of our products in detail as related to specific orders and based on the requirements of IMDS (International Material Data System), thereby especially meeting the requirements of our customers in the automotive sector.

In our production process, we primarily use environmentally friendly and recyclable substances and materials. If possible, production materials such as polycarbonate wastes, sputter masks and even our cleaning rags are reprocessed.

Bearing Responsibility Together.

Our more than 500 employees across the globe have played a large role in our efforts to act in an environmentally responsible manner. From the outset, they have been actively involved in the company process and sensitized to environmentally friendly issues in order to minimize impact on the environment.

Every employee of our company is called upon to participate in our environmental protection and energy saving efforts.

Together, we bear the responsibility for a sustainable future!


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