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CDA Microfunctional Solutions, Plastic microstructures

Microfunctional Solutions

Plastic microstructures

CDA is a renowned and experienced market leader for the manufacture of complex microstructures from plastic material. In the last few years CDA has modified the traditional injection moulding techniques so that it became a proprietary and high-quality patented process.  

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CDA Flash Memory Solutions, optical media

Flash Memory Solutions

Getting safely to the destination with CDA Flash Memory.

CDA is among the world‘s leading manufacturers of optical data carriers. The NAND memories by CDA go on a journey in a great number of vehicles around the globe. Because in the Automotive sector we provide renowned manufacturers with storage media for navigation systems. 

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CDA ImPressing Solutions, CD Produktion / DVD Production / Blu-ray Disc™ / Specials / USB

ImPressing Solutions

CD production / DVD production / Blu-ray Disc™ / Specials / USB

Since 1994 we have been among the largest independent manufacturers of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs in Europe. We are looking forward to hearing from you.   

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CDA 3D Printing Solutions, Reverse Engineering / Prototypenphase / small series / large series

3D Printing Solutions

Reverse engineering / Prototype phase / production

3D printing is our latest line of business. Since the end of 2018 prototypes, spare parts, mounts and sample components have been manufactured primarily for internal purposes.

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