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CD production / DVD production / Blu-ray™ / Specials / USB

Since 1994 we have been one of the largest independent manufacturers of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Disc™ in Europe. We are looking forward to meeting you. 

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CDA Impressing Solutions CD Produktion



The Compact Disc (in short CD) is an optical memory introduced by Philips/PolyGram and Sony in the early 1980ies for digital storage of music.  


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CDA Impressing Solutions DVD Produktion



The DVD is a digital optical data memory looking similar to a CD but featuring a higher storage capacity.

The acronym DVD goes back to the abbreviation of Digital Video Disc. Today it is interpreted as Digital Versatile Disc.  


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CDA Impressing Solutions Blu-Ray Produktion


Blu-ray™, also called Blu-ray Disc™, is the optical storage medium of the next generation.   

Other than the red laser used in DVD drives the Blu-ray™ technology uses a blue-violet laser light. Both single layer (25 GB) and dual layer (50 GB) discs can be made.

The higher storage capacity allows for a much higher image resolution and a broader spectrum of audio formats. 

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CDA Impressing Solutions USB Produktion



Hardly anything goes without USB sticks nowadays. Small, handy and compact. With the USB stick by CDA you have always your most important documents at hand. 

We offer the duplication, print and packaging of USB sticks at best terms.

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As different as your data may be, premastering puts them into a CD or DVD-like format. 

If you are not able to provide an input medium, such as CD-R, DVD-R or DLT tape, we would gladly do the conversion into one of these formats. We can process your data from any commercially available data carrier. (e.g. hard disk etc.). Before a medium is duplicated the premastering is also the last step of data optimization.   


Glass mastering comes before duplication. After your data have been carefully processed during the process of premastering, your medium now undergoes the last step prior to duplication, where the information is transferred to a photosensitive layer on the glass master.

Then, metal foils are removed from the glass master by electroplating. It produces the moulds (injection moulds). The production of the glass master and press dies takes place in-house with utmost accuracy and undergoes constant control.


We produce optical storage media round the clock, seven days a week.  We have a capacity of 330,000 CDs, 150,000 DVDs and 17,000 Blu rays per day. Optionally, CDs and DVDs can have 80mm diameter.  An all-encompassing camera system monitors the quality of your medium in production.

DVDs and CDs are made in one injection moulding operation followed by metallizing (so-called sputtering process using aluminium or copper). Finally, the disc is provided with a protective coating. All products come with a manufacturer’s code, the so-called ifpi code. It guarantees confidentiality when it comes to handling data and program content and is always verifiable.   

Available from CDA only: a motif with or without text on the read side of the CD/DVD.


We print all storage media made by us applying modern offset printing or the traditional silk screen printing. It allows an individual choice. Silk screening is particularly suitable for coloured illustrations since this technique highlights the colours. In offset printing the colour resolution is much higher. It is therefore ideal for photo-realistic illustrations. Labels can be printed in up to six colours according to the Pantone, HKS or Euroscale system.

HD Print

HD print produces high-resolution images of photo-like quality and fine detail. This method captivates by its excellent colour brilliance and run length as well as a homogenous print image.  Particularly suitable is the HD print process for label layouts where colour fastness and true-to-detail reproduction, such as faces, is important. 


Printed matter: perfect prints for your product 

The high performance five-colour sheetfed offset press and other modern printing and prepress equipment have a capacity of 40 million pieces of printed matter data carriers per year at CDA’s.   In addition, we work with certified suppliers. They supply the graphics with a printable template by data carrier or FTP. Circulation-related excess productions are also supplied. You can thus use the prints for reprints if any.

Packaging: Product ready for dispatch

Besides the standard boxes for CDs and DVDs we have a large number of other packaging options making your product an eye catcher. The usual packaging is finished mechanically. Special packaging is finished manually in-house. All products can also be supplied packed in cellophane.   


Plastic packaging made to measure  

You will find a summary of standard plastic packaging both for CDs and DVDs.

 We work with licensed suppliers to guarantee a high quality at all times. 

A multitude of shapes and colours – packaging from cardboard

Cardboard packaging upgrades your product visually and gives it a special look. We work with licenced suppliers to guarantee high quality at all times.  

Special packaging for customized shapes and special boxes 

You are looking for an eye catcher? Then, you are just right with the special packaging. Whether   Digiboks, Digistack or wooden boxes. With such packaging your product will stand out from the ordinary. We work with licenced suppliers to guarantee high quality at all times. 


  • Warehouse comprising more than 9,000 storage locations

  • Fully automated and computer-controlled

  • Online order tracking

  • Express/direct shipping

  • Global distribution



Unique technology from CDA

RFID systems will be replacing the barcodes used so far on objects for the purpose of identification. The integration of an RFID chip in an information carrier is a technology patented by CDA GmbH that has many benefits: Apart from revolutionary new opportunities in the area of copy guards for CDs and DVDs it enables a unique and worldwide identification of storage media.

Serial numbering, batch or tracking information can now be stored directly on data carriers.   Information carriers can now be used individually in terms of access restrictions by requesting activation codes, for example.  Since the system works contactless and no visual contact to the reader is required for data processing, the integration of an RFID chip provides comprehensive protection against theft. It has positive effects for the retail trade suffering high losses every year due to theft. It is also possible to check the user identity. It needs a successful check before the data of the storage medium are released. Talk to us, we would be glad to advise you.

Benefits of the RFID technology at a glance:

  • Clear and worldwide identification
  • Direct storage of serial numbers, batch or tracking information
  • Checking of user identity

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