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Participation in project: INSPECT - CDA in cancer research

Microelectronic diagnostics platforms for personalized cancer research and microbioreactors. 

The INSPECT project (2016-2019) is designed to study systems for the early detection of certain forms of cancer, such as breast, cervical, prostate and lung cancer by means of semiconductor sensor chips and immunological, genetic and cell-based biotechnological methods. 

CDA develops technologies allowing a precise connection of silicon chips with plastic substrates and microfluid structures.   

The systems are used for cancer diagnostics both with antibodies and living cells. To achieve the highest possible degree of integration, the systems are combined both with printed circuits and microstructured light conductors. 

This project which is based on these results was sponsored by the Free State of Thuringia with the number   2015 FE 9161 and co-financed by funds of the European Union for the regional development (EFRE).

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